Diving Center

Scuba diving is always so much fun! This is one of the main things our guests always ask for. Swimming with beautiful fish in a clean water is fantastic chance to explore the underwater life.

You have a great chance to have open a diversity of water life!

There are lots of other great outdoor activities waiting for you, such as playing golf in the beautiful courses of the area, fishing for the best catch, walking among the ruins of a beautiful old village…

Moreover, our professional cooks will serve a great dinner after you active water life!

We’ll also help you choose the best anti-fogging snookering mask so you can feel very comfortable!



4 thoughts on “Diving Center

  1. Good afternoon,
    i am interested in taking the advanced open water course while staying at your resort. However you wrote on your site, that diving is for free? i can’t imagine this, so i would like to know what an entire course at yours cost.
    Thank you!

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